If you are going on vacation and choosing where to spend your time, you need to consider several options. For example, if a hotel in Egypt: price, proximity to the sea, type of food, infrastructure and additional services and excursions. If you do not want to overpay, pay attention to youth hotels in Egypt.

 If you choose a hotel in Egypt, prices can vary considerably for the rooms with a balcony or sea view, different floors, the cost of the disco and drinks, as well as trips to nearby attractions. In a typical set includes noisy disco night, youth animation, swimming pools, restaurants, and different kinds of inclusive with travel program.

 Hotel in Egypt: the prices are moderate, stay active

 Youth Sports – a movement and freedom. Encourage you to hotel in Egypt, prices which is quite expensive, the service is available on a quality European level, while preserving the opportunity to walk around the city, explore the underwater world and quietly enjoy the proximity of the sea. El Primo Hotel Dahab – a European service and comfort that you will find in the center of the ancient Bedouin city.

 El Primo Hotel Dahab is located in a unique region on the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba. Dahab area known for its garden eels, Ell Guarden Dahab, and coral reefs with rich fauna and flora. As a small family hotel in Egypt, prices «El Primo» offers attractive: 20 euros for a single room from 38 euro – for a double.

 Hotel in Egypt: the price for the service, not the promise

 In El Primo Hotel Dahab provide many great services and new experiences. Each room has air conditioning, a bathroom and a balcony or terrace. The spacious, bright, airy rooms. From every window – an unforgettable view of the bay, which stretches over a mountain range. The restaurant is very close to the beach. During the dinner, you can enjoy the taste of the food, the sound of waves, the fresh sea breeze.

 In El Primo you will get a free breakfast, a hearty European, parking, Wi-Fi, perfectly clean rooms in the Italian style, always fresh towels. On site there is a bar and restaurant, the ability to book flights and a taxi from the airport and to him. Hospitable hosts will help to arrange a tour to the monastery of St. Catherine or Bedouin dinner in the mountains, to help buy spices and advise local scarves and handmade oriental lamps.

 Hotel in Egypt: the price of nature do not apply

 Dahab – a small town with a developed tourist infrastructure. Happy people live here – Bedouins and tourists. Central tourist street, she’s Quay, is lined with shops entirely, coffee shops and open restaurants. Hosts prepare your kitchen: the Germans – German, Italian – Italian, local – Egyptian. There are trips to the Old Town, in the Sinai desert, disco, bike club, but most importantly – the Red Sea and the coral reefs.

 Come here surfers and divers of all stripes. The most famous dive sites – Canyon and Blue Hole, but in general the coast more than fifty dive sites. You can sit all day in a lounge chair under the awning and mindlessly look at the sea, you can do yoga with a trainer. You can do what you like, or try to do something for the first time. Touch the amazing underwater world, to see colorful fish and coral gardens. Feel part of the world and relax.

 El Primo Hotel Dahab – a place where dreams come true. Hurry to book a room in a mini-hotel El Primo – and you will fulfill your dream.