Whichever hotel in Dahab you choose, most of them located on the waterfront and different levels of comfort, food and prices. Hotel El Primo – it’s comfortable and spacious nine rooms, air conditioning, bathroom, well-breakfast, a private beach and an incredible sense of peace. If you say, “Help me choose a hotel in Egypt”, we can safely advise El Primo Hotel Dahab – privately owned hotel on the shore of the Gulf of Aqaba.

Dahab – quiet quiet town in the recent past Bedouin settlement. Land, stretching along the Gulf beaches and lines, laden with small campsites and hotels. Not every hotel in Dahab has access to the sea and the conditions for active recreation. Only El Primo Hotel Dahab is located in an incredibly convenient and beautiful location on the shores of Aqaba. Even at low tide, when all wander over the reef in the sea, on the beach El Primo Hotel Dahab, you can swim over coral. On the beach there is always sand and stones – is the advantage of a family with children will appreciate. The road from the airport in Sharm el-Sheikh to Dahab takes an hour by taxi. Transfer and airline tickets at affordable prices are available at the El Primo Hotel Dahab. The hotel itself is situated in a unique location, 30 meters from Eal Garden, Garden eels. The name of the district gave a huge colony of eels endemic, decoration Gulf and a photographer’s dream.

 Hotel in Dahab – is fun for everyone. But the choice is yours

 Under water in Aqaba quite surprising. The entire coastline – a continuous coral reef, the endless picture flashing colorful fish, sea stuff, bizarre algae. In the warm aquamarine sea can dive for hours, looking at underwater splendor, in general, friendly disposed to the man. Hotel in Dahab El Primo has lots of cozy seating areas where you can comfortably lie down, sit, drink coffee or dining al fresco, under the eaves, and very near the sea, on a wooden bench favorite beach El Primo.

 The hotel El Primo helps organize tours, fortunately the language barrier here. The most popular trip – Bedouin dinner in the mountains, tours to the existing St. Catherine’s Monastery and Mount Moses. On this mountain the Lord gave the Prophet Moses carved in stone the 10 commandments. Way to the top is difficult, but the result is perfect. At the bottom, where God appeared to Moses in a burning bush, the sixth century, founded a monastery. The first four centuries, it was called the monastery of the Burning Bush, and even earlier in this remote place sheltered the early Christians.

 Hotel in Dahab – a philosophy. The lesson of peace, contemplation and awareness

 Usually on the third day in Dahab, people are beginning to move. Because rare man resist the temptation of absolute rest and removal. You can, of course, plan a trip on the clock and water treatments. Then bathe, lying, sitting, – and merge with a great peace. Feel the ebb and flow of life, for the great love, detachment stones, variability and persistence wave elusiveness sand. And it seems that I realized that something important, and let go of something extra.

 And it stops thinking, doing yoga on the sand is cold or relaxing under the hands of a masseur – in El Primo is both. And then you go, full of energy, to meet the dawn over Sinai, climb up the hill in the middle of the night, considering thousands of steps, one looks at the Bedouin elders, learn to catch the wind sail or dive with a mask, check yourself for strength and endurance. And you know – I live. And eagerly soaked up life through the eyes, touch, body.

 Hotel in Dahab – a chance to live in the present. Combine external activity with inner peace, a sense of the infinity of time and smooth flow of life

 Dahab dearly loved by divers and surfers. There are excellent conditions for learning to windsurf, especially in Laguna, with smooth water, sandy beaches and constant wind along the coast. Experienced divers descend to the Blue Hole – a vertical coral wall depth of about a hundred meters. It is also called the cemetery divers, fueling the curiosity of visitors for a couple of hours to look at the beach for a hundred euros.

 Many connoisseurs dangerous and attract beautiful kaleidoscope of color nimble fishes, coral intricacies remains of sunken ships and trembling algal communities. If you are lucky to see a spotted moray eel or turtle will swim with sad eyes and a bird’s beak – it’s like a bucket of white mushroomer cut. Will have something to tell you. In the evenings, people flock to the embankment. Sit, share experiences over a cup of tea or a local hookah, dine in the national restaurants for every taste. European cuisine is rather a formality, the only exception – the pizza. But the kitchen in El Primo Hotel Dahab, as well as service and adheres to the best culinary traditions of the world, but can please and Arab flavor. The hotel restaurant will cook meat and vegetables, and fish, and fulfill individual wishes. Restaurant El Primo Hotel Dahab boasts unique to Egypt menu item – frozen desserts.

 El Primo invites lovers of secluded relaxation, art connoisseurs, the conquerors of the heights and depths. Hurry to book a room at El Primo. You are waiting for sunrises and sunsets over the Sinai.

 You are waiting for the worlds, hidden under the water, and the city, hidden from civilization. We are waiting for you!