Rules of hotel

Policies of El Primo Hotel Dahab

1. The number is provided upon presentation of a passport.

2. The guest presents the passport to the administrator, pays for accommodation, after registration a room key is issued.

3. Check in – 14:00, Check out time – 12:00. Upon arrival, guests 2-3 hours before 14:00 places are available only upon availability. Check-out is at 12:00. In case of a departure delay, the payment for the maximum time is made according to the rules for calculating the Late departure.

4. In case of an early arrival of a client, the accommodation fee is charged in the following order:

– no more than 8 hours before checkout time – half-day payment;

– from 8 to 24 hours before checkout time – payment for a full day.

In case of late check-out of the client, the accommodation fee is charged in the following order:

– no more than 8 hours after checkout time – payment for half a day;

– from 8 to 24 hours after checkout time – payment for a full day.

5. Children and extra beds

When all children from 0 to 6 years old are accommodated using existing beds, they are provided free of charge. Extra beds are charged USD 10 per bed per day. The maximum number of extra beds in a room is 1. The number of baby cots in a room is 0.

6. Pets are not allowed.

7. Credit cards are not accepted / cash only.

8. Rooms are cleaned every day. Change of linen and towels on request. Every day, tons of detergent and millions of gallons of water are used to wash towels. If you stay with us for several days, you can help save and save washing powder and water, thus preserving the natural resources of our planet. If you want to change your bedding, please leave a special card on the bed so that the attendant can see it. If you want to be left with a towel, please leave it hanging on the handle, a towel lying on the floor means “Change, please.” Please do not use a bath towel on the beach. If necessary, a beach towel is issued. Contact the hotel. We can provide a beach towel for only 10 LE.

9. Breakfast from 8:00 to 10:00 in the morning. If you have a planned tour or day of departure from the hotel before breakfast time, we can arrange breakfast with you. Report your desire in advance. Your attention is the breakfast menu for the week! Bon appetit!

We kindly ask you to follow the rules set by the hotel:

1. Keep your room and hotel clean.

2. Strictly follow the rules of fire safety, preventing the occurrence of fires.

3. Leaving the room, do not forget to close the water intakes, windows, turn off the lights and other electrical appliances.

4. In case of loss or damage to hotel property, reimburse the value of the damage.

5. It is forbidden to leave unauthorized persons in the room in their absence, as well as to give the keys to the room to outsiders.

6. When leaving, be sure to hand over the key to the hotel administration room. In case of loss of a key, a penalty in the amount of 100LE is charged.

7. Smoking is not allowed in the rooms. Smoking is possible only on the balconies, terraces and in the restaurant El Primo. Smoking in the room is subject to a $ 50 fine.

8. We kindly ask you not to leave food in the rooms, due to the appearance of various insects. It is possible to use cutlery at the El Primo restaurant.

9. It is forbidden to throw paper and garbage into the toilet. Please use the trashcan.

10. Due to the harsh climatic conditions (wind, sand, salt water) and poor quality materials in case of any problem in the room, contact the administrator.

11. In case of non-compliance with the rules established in the hotel, the administration reserves the right to refuse to further accommodation.

Thank you for understanding.

El Primo Administration

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