If you are going on vacation, parents are looking for a hotel in Egypt for children and are the most massive deals. Those where for a room with a balcony underpaid, babysitting costs 30 euros per hour, and a bar and a disco are combined with children’s pool. And rest. Parents at the bar malyshnya – rubber slide. But the first thing that you need to pay attention – a small hotel in Egypt.

   Dahab – El Primo

 Find a mini-family-type hotel is not so simple. If you are lucky, you will be advised of his friends, if not – you will never know about a little paradise, tucked away on the coast, unique even for the resort area of ​​the country. And the rooms there is not much to accommodate all who are looking for a hotel in Egypt for children. El Primo Hotel Dahab as a valuable gem, recommend to friends and family.

 Hotel in Egypt for children: first seek the city and it Dahab

 It may seem that this is the wrong approach to searching for a hotel in Egypt for children. If you book a hotel in Dahab, on the shore of the Gulf of Aqaba, in which appear the outlines of the mountains, your children will see Egypt origin, with the Bedouins and camels walking around under the prohibitory signs «No camels», with reefs inhabited by marine life and scenery on the type of who forgets to breathe.

   El Primo – it’s a good service

 Previously, in the village of Dahab lived fishermen and Bedouins. Dahab translates as gold, in honor of the golden sand beaches. Now it is a resort town with a population of 35 thousand people on the coast are many small private hotels. Due to the small scale and family cosiness, the town passed the hordes of tourists and nature has preserved its splendor. This is where you’ll find the perfect hotel in Egypt for children.

 Hotel in Egypt for children: looking hotel in Dahab. This El Primo

 Usually, parents are looking for a hotel in Egypt for children with slides and swimming pool, located near the beach. That the child was always before his eyes, and a single step did not leave her mother. Dahab – perfectly safe for children playground. In the evening on the street here can safely play Russian, European and Arab children, run or build something. In El Primo Hotel Dahab is a beach with children’s toys. If the child is afraid of the water or can not swim, the administration of El Primo Hotel Dahab recommend an instructor who will teach a child to swim and help to overcome the fear. There always is friendly to guests and respond to any request. If children need a separate kitchen, they cook the children’s menu. Would you like oatmeal – oatmeal is. Need a babysitter? Leave it to the owners, and at the appointed time the children come nanny.

 You guessed it, that rest from each other and relax together – two different things. In El Primo you will relax family. This means – together with their children to meet the dawn and watch the small fish, build castles on the beach and lie under a tent in the Bedouin striped pillows. Coming up with what to do with the chef, and get acquainted with the guests. For El Primo «guest” and “permanent” – a similar word.

   Beautiful beach in Dahab

 Hotels in Egypt for children: what is not in El Primo, and why it’s cool

 In El Primo is no refrigerator in the room. Why refrigerator, if every day you are satisfied with the chef culinary adventure. Or you habitually “something to eat” and suffer stomach? In El Primo do not have TVs. You forgot to home TV? You will forget about TV, as soon as the exit to the balcony of your room. And in the evening you will get a real movie theater. The sound of the wind and the rustle of the palm trees, you can watch movies of different genres in different languages.

 In eastern El Primo no service, but there is a family of European Management. In El Primo no discos, but ten minutes’ walk from the city center and tourist attractions. There is even no road to the beach, because it all – with pillows, air-conditioned, sterile baths, intimate restaurant, sunny rooms, palm trees and tables – is right on the beach.

 Hotel El Primo nine rooms, so hurry to book a room, and you will get a gift paradise, which has not yet seen.