Small hotels Egypt undeservedly overlooked. If you ask how to choose the hotel in Egypt, the more will find reviews about the hotels for two or three rooms. Naturally, Bs contain less guests, but in them you get enough attention, more space on the beach and full freedom of movement.

At the beginning of the 13th century, several Bedouin families came to the Gulf of Aqaba. Dined probably fish on the coals, swim and lay on the beach in blissful idleness. And we saw that it was good. Built a few huts and left to live. Dahab twenty years ago there was a large village. Today coast flooded large and small hotels in Egypt, Dahab attracts lovers of a quiet life and recreation, and in the Bedouin village Assalah, arranged, like hundreds of years ago, lead tours.

Small hotels Egypt hidden in small towns

Dahab – Egypt is not out of brochures for mass tourism. Locals value their way of life, and over the centuries it has not changed. The same mountain of Moses and the ancient monastery of St. Catherine, the same streets and the remains of the port of the fort, but the main thing – the same clean sea, fish and corals, as five hundred years ago. Add only small hotels Egypt, restaurants and nightly entertainment.

Dahab is located 100 km from the airport in Sharm el-Sheikh. Please contact the hotel online, and will provide you with convenient and cheap flights, airport transfers, and an hour after the flight you are already accommodated in El Primo Hotel Dahab. Like many small hotels in Egypt, El Primo meet you warmth, peace and warm attitude. Communication style and service – the European family. But it is worth walking ten minutes to the promenade of Dahab and you will plunge into the East colorful fairs, shops, restaurants, water pipes and other exotics.

Small hotels Egypt: comfort, convenience and cleanliness

You can not imagine how much detail can spoil the holiday, from noisy neighbors to uncomfortable mattresses. In El Primo is thoroughly detail and designed for your convenience. The spacious and bright rooms with wooden furniture, great mattresses, large windows, a balcony or terrace, perfectly clean bathroom, air conditioning, tiled floors. First floor, nice and familiar a European breakfast, free internet, a variety of recreational areas.

El Primo Hotel Dahab is located in the first line of the shore. You can sit on a wooden bench on the beach with a cup of Italian coffee under palm trees, dangling his legs in the warm waters of the Red Sea. Dine in the fresh air, relax in the cushions, hiding from the sun under a canopy – and nothing you will not be disturbed. Even his own thoughts will not dare to distract you from the wonderful view of the bay, the waves and the rustling whisper of palm leaves. How did the ancient Bedouin you eat fish, swim, and see that it is good. And you want to build a hut.

Small Hotels of Egypt: where you will at home

Without leaving El Primo Hotel Dahab, you can book a massage or take advantage of a certified therapist. On the beach, yoga classes with an instructor, you can dive or snorkel, surf. Administrators El Primo Hotel Dahab help you organize all kinds of outdoor activities. It is necessary to go outside the hotel and you will plunge into the unhurried perturbation of local life, tea, coffee, hookah, long conversations and striped pillows. Will walk the streets to greet and smile at strangers. Something you just do the first time. It’s not even how you will be entertained, and that you will relax. Live near the sea, fall asleep to the sound of the waves greet the sun over the bay. You will see a different world, and the world will see you.

You can arrange tours to historic sites: St. Catherine’s Monastery, Coloured and White canyons, Bedouin dinner in the mountains, sea voyage or a raid in the desert by jeep or camel ride. Climb the mountain of Moses – a separate adventure. At the top of Mount Sinai, the prophet received from the Lord the tablets of the commandments. A photograph of a pile of rocks, which is shown to tourists is not exactly attractive. And the path to it is almost as difficult as in the days of Moses. In this hidden great wisdom and eastern metaphor. Uphill climb, not in order to see the stones, and to look from the top. And to see the dawn.

In these places, the simplicity and wisdom of the outside world to help people find inner integrity. Hurry to book a room in El Primo. When you discover a Bedouin paradise, he will help you discover yourself.