The more options, the more difficult to choose a hotel to stay. We will look at how to choose a good hotel Egypt, and you will appreciate the benefits that can be obtained in the private mini-hotel El Primo. In Egypt, some small resort towns of Dahab, Marsa Alam, Safaga, Taba, but only in Dahab tourist is where to go, where to sit and what to see.

 To choose a hotel to stay, taking into account the distance from the big cities, prices, infrastructure, opportunity for active leisure and fun rides, meals at the hotel. Holidays in Dahab does not hit your pocket, and it is a trifle compared to the new experiences that await you at every turn.

 How to choose a hotel to stay, why in Dahab better

 Dahab is easy to choose a hotel to stay: there are cheap Kemp, mini-hotels and luxury apartments. Eat in town is not a problem: at your disposal fast foods, cafes, restaurants and grocery stores. As for El Primo, in the hotel offers spacious rooms in the Italian style, free continental breakfast, cafe, bar and restaurant. The hosts, who are fluent in Russian, will offer you a fresh healthy food: fruits, vegetables, meat and, of course, fish and seafood. Not a standard buffet, and an individual approach tailored to your tastes. If, after dinner, enjoying the sea, you will fall asleep on the rug, you will not wake up, and carefully Ukroyut blanket.

 It was in Dahab you will find only in Egypt promenade with cafes and restaurants, standing at the water’s edge. If a visitor after dinner, enjoying the sea, falls asleep on the rug, it will not wake up, and will hide the blanket. City stretches along the bay, famous for its unique climate and biosphere. Thanks to the wind rose is not felt the heat of the desert, and in the Gulf of hiding Garden eels endemic, coral reefs and rich marine life. In contrast to the Red Sea in Aqaba almost no species are dangerous to humans. It remains to choose the hotel to stay. On the shore, thirty meters from the Garden of acne and is El Primo Hotel Dahab.

 How to choose a hotel to stay: the advantages of mini-hotel El Primo

 All the advantages of staying in Dahab are fully applicable to the hotel family-El Primo. Located on the coast, and no matter what you do – breakfast, drinking Italian coffee at a table, resting in a room with air conditioning and a shower in the bathroom, lying with a book in a recreation area under the canopy – always close sound of the waves, flat as a pancake, sea and the outlines of the mountains of Saudi Arabia on the far shore.

 In El Primo has everything you need for a relaxing holiday. You can take a break from the bustle of civilization, but with all its benefits will be available to you. Hosts speak in Russian, European cuisine is focused on, in addition there is a massage, yoga, travel, training, freediving, scuba diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing. Comfortable rooms, all conditions for relaxation and an ideal place for snorkeling and diving. From here to the waterfront, cultural and shopping center of Dahab – a stone’s throw.

How to choose a hotel to stay: the wonders of the Sinai Peninsula

 Most popular attractions are the Sinai Peninsula near Dahab. Most of the peninsula are nature reserves. The climate is warm and dry. The maximum summer temperature of 40 degrees is seen easily, thanks to the wind flowing over the mountains of Sinai and Saudi Arabia. From the second floor El Primo Hotel Dahab these mountains visible at a glance. In winter the temperature is below 25 degrees, and the Red Sea, there is no colder than 21 degrees. Red Sea – a national marine reserve, it is not no river flows and all the seas of the world, it has the greatest variety of flora and fauna. Unlike other resorts in Dahab diving is possible from the shore. There are dozens of dive sites surveyed and certified courses, and – thanks to the wind rose – the perfect place for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

 Holiday in Dahab can be not only in the water, on the water and under water. Lately here pulled cyclists, extreme, arrange races jeep and quad bike, being developed climbers. In El Primo awaits wilderness of Egypt, European comfort, family management, private beach, an opportunity to live among the people and be alone with yourself.

 Relax as much as you have always wanted. Book a room in a small hotel El Primo, and catch the tail of his dream