Away from the worn-out routes you can spend the best holiday. Especially if you are going to the hotel in Egypt without children and rigid plans, to the extent unpretentious, open to new experiences and are willing to live on the bay in Dahab. If for the beauty of nature give star Dahab headed to the top. Egypt Hotel will offer you for every taste and popular in Dahab private hotels, such as mini-hotel El Primo Hotel Dahab.

There are no tourists passing through, but there are people who enjoy life. Cozy resort town located on the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba, the famous coral reefs, unique climate and garden eels. Order mini-hotel in Egypt without children you can online, an hour by taxi will bring you to the airport (shuttle service can be booked in advance) and you will find yourself on the beach at El Primo.

 Hotel in Egypt without children can go diving

 Romantics looking for a hotel in Egypt without children, in El Primo Hotel Dahab offer special rooms for privacy with amazing views of the Gulf of Aqaba. When parents can relax without children, he behave like children. Explore the world, try it on the touch. In the Gulf of Aqaba to the most interesting hidden under the water. Experienced divers have long appreciated the underwater world of the Red Sea.

 At your disposal are dozens of places to dive from the shore, experienced instructors, the famous Canyon, Blue Hole, covered with algae Lighthouse huge colony of eels Ell Guarden and many picturesque corners. Here are engaged freediving, scuba diving and snorkeling: mask with snorkel and fins allow to observe life in the endless coral reefs. Naplavavshis, you come back for dinner and stay at the hotel. In Egypt without children what else to do? In El Primo Hotel Dahabest options. Every night now on a huge white wall of the hotel show movies in different languages.

 Holidays in Egypt: No children what to do, where to go

 It seems odd – to come to a Muslim country, to do yoga. But for El Primo, with a family service, European cuisine and style of communication, there are no boundaries. Those who practiced yoga, you know that you need to heat the sand under your feet, turn to the sun, close your eyes, stretch out the crown to the sky and feel with all my heart the beauty and splendor of this world. And remember this condition. The hotel features a yoga instructor, horse riding, relaxing massage services and certified psychotherapist.

 Lovers of relaxation by the sea alternate with excursions, arrange trips to the canyon and the monastery of St. Catherine, a trip to the picturesque Old Town, tours of Sinai, the expedition by camel. You will hear the sounds of the old drums, see the Bedouin life, has not changed for 600 years, have a rest in the shade of palm trees with a cup of tea.

 Hotel in Egypt without children: gone with the wind

 Gulf of Aqaba – a unique place for windsurfing and kite. The bay is sheltered by mountains of Saudi Arabia, so it creates the effect of a wind tunnel. Almost always there is a steady wind. Add to that the dry and warm climate, and you will see that there is no place better to exit at the average sail. Beginners are taught and ride in Laguna, experienced surfers go to Lighthouse. Those for whom the surf or kite becomes a state of mind, in spite of the presence or lack of experience, go ride in the National Park of Ras Abu Galum, a unique spot Blue Lagoon.

 Popular here and kitesurfing. What else can I do, having the desire, water and wind? To fulfill a childhood dream – to slide, holding the tail of a kite, of course, under the supervision of certified instructors and using quality safety equipment. If you have the courage, the impressions last a long time.

 Hotel in Egypt without children, and alone with the world

 Here you can satisfy basic need of modern man – to retire. Feel the unity and closeness of all the elements. No matter you wallow in a deck chair, consider fish and shellfish, have breakfast on the beach or wander among the Bedouin, in this state man becomes important meanings, and the answers come easy understanding of the world.

 El Primo Hotel Dahab – a place where every day you can make another step towards happiness. Dahab changes people. Some leave to go back. Others realize that he could not leave this paradise. Others begin to paint pictures and books. Here, the season never ends. Summer 40 degrees softens the wind from the mountains of Sinai and Saudi Arabia. In winter the temperature does not drop below 25 degrees, and the Red Sea, there is no cooler than 21 degrees.

 Book a room at the El Primo, profit on the Red Sea – and you will become a man for whom all things are possible.