The best hotels in Egypt offer a great service and a lot of services from dry cleaning to a beauty salon. Although families with children are important special moments. The best hotel in Egypt to stay with kids – it’s a family atmosphere, hospitality, no language barrier, convenient location in the most beautiful place imaginable. This and much more can find mini-hotel El Primo on the Gulf of Aqaba.

 El Primo – one of the small hotels in the town of Dahab. The resort stretches for six kilometers along the coast. Here are the best beaches, coral reefs and a huge colony of eels endemic, known as Ell Guarden – Eel Garden. El Primo, as all the best hotels in Egypt, give a bright room on the first floor, with a balcony or terrace, air conditioning and heating (if necessary), European breakfast and amazing views of the bay from every window. View opens such that the stomach fails first, and then soars to his throat and you do not understand that at this point you … tears of happiness or sadness.

 The best hotels in Egypt: Dahab children have no place to get lost

 Dahab everything is all around. In the area of ​​City are residential neighborhoods, mosques, bus station, hospital European level. If there is insurance, which can be arranged with the help of the administration of El Primo, many treatment will be free. Laguna – Spit with a sandy beach, along the coast where you are waiting for the best small hotels in Egypt. The golden color of the sand gave the city its name (in the language of the Bedouins gold – Dahab). To the north is the village of Bedouins Asala. Old Town Masbat and promenade with benches, coffee shops hospitably welcomed holidaymakers. Dahab and its people are friendly and care about children. On any city street kids can play in their backyard.

 From El Primo Hotel Dahab to the waterfront, Light House, places where the restaurants and shops you slowly walk in ten minutes. A sea of El Primo is so close that you can throw the coin – 12 meters Surrounded by recreational areas, sofas under tents, comfortable tables under palm trees. While parents sit with a cup of tea or Italian coffee, they can enjoy the sea and the children playing on the beach in the sand under the canopy. El Primo is not the first leader in the ranking of Traveller’s Choice of mini-hotels, and therefore rightly included in the category “The best hotels in Egypt.”

 The best hotels in Egypt: entertainment at your discretion

 Thanks to coral reefs and living creatures inhabiting them, Dahab is a favorite place for divers. There are dozens of places to dive from the shore under the supervision of instructors. But the kids to watch the shellfish and plants under water, enough masks and parents’ attention. In El Primo private beach, it has a lot of toys and places to hide from the day of the sun, play or lie down.

 In addition to excursions to the mountains, an ancient monastery, the Bedouin village or the Blue Lagoon, is in El Primo morning yoga classes, massage, or horseback riding. Ride a horse will not give any child. If a child is experiencing difficulties in contact with water, the administration will recommend El Primo instructor, teaching swimming and help to overcome fear. All that you choose, you can arrange a convenient time for you. Parents understand how important it is for kids moderate load. It is important that everything is close by children at any time to bathe, put to sleep or take a stroll along the promenade.

 The best hotels in Egypt: leisure all year round

 In Dahab, many do not know who the president of the country. It is a world, free from the hustle and filled with calm bliss. Here, speak slowly, leisurely walk, swim and dive for a long time, looking at the reefs. In the afternoon you can relax in your room or lying on the beach under a canopy, looking away hills stood out Saudi Arabia and radiant calm sea.

 Many parents bring children to Dahab for the winter. Especially those who do not tolerate the winter cold and dampness. Eternal summer and near the sea forms a cheerful disposition and easy character. Residents are friendly and cheerful. If the child goes to one, it will give to drink water, ice cream and will find her mother. Many speak in Russian, in English. As in any small town – all on your own. Come one year, and the local will call you by name, if you are not leaving.

 Everyone knows a pleasant feeling when you come back after a trip to his home. In Dahab many return as home. Because the house – it’s not a wall, it’s a place where you are waiting.

 Book a room at the El Primo and come with the whole family. Here you are always welcome.