How to choose a hotel to stay, if the soul asks for fresh impressions, unfamiliar routes and rest? How to choose a hotel among dozens of proposals alone Dahab, on the shore of the Gulf of Aqaba? Dahab Resort is an hour’s drive from the airport of Sharm el-Sheikh, in the town has a colorful Bedouin village and the old town Masbat. On the waterfront are close motels, little shops, cafes and restaurants. In the bay, the ruins of the ancient port. Hotel El Primo Hotel Dahab is located on the beach in the city center. Just a minute walk to shopping and administrative center of Dahab, and ten minutes – to the busy part of the promenade with restaurants and shops.

 How to choose a hotel? According to the degree of convenience. In El Primo service begins even before your arrival. Can arrange a taxi, booking air tickets and medical insurance. To meet you send an order in El Primo Hotel Dahab by e-mail, indicating the time of arrival and the name. The driver will meet you with a sign near the airport and within an hour you’ll be on the beach. The trip costs 200 Egyptian pounds (21 euros). It offers spacious, bright rooms, from every window – unrealistically beautiful view of the bay. Air-conditioning and heating, cool tiled floors, cozy balconies and terraces. Surrounded by palm trees and the areas of comfort for every taste. You can lie on the couch pillows, blankets to sit on the Bedouin, to get the coffee shop and restaurant, which is the beginning of the beach.

 How to choose the hotel if you downshifter

 Dahab is famous among daunshifterov. People who want to live simply and without stress, already know and how to choose hotel, and what a hotel. If you are serious about environmental cleanliness, healthy food cooked with love, friendly attitude and leisure, you’ll appreciate all the advantages of the hotel El Primo. Secluded place on the bay, behind which emerges mountain line.

 El Primo – a great way to take a break from the flow of information, to listen to the sound of waves, the sunrise on the beach. If you want noisy entertainment, they are waiting for you in the center of Dahab. But while you are in El Primo, you get a unique chance to be alone with nature. Now you know how to choose the hotel to find harmony with each other.

 How to choose the hotel if you ekstremal

 Dahab is famous among water sports enthusiasts. Here is dry and warm climate, rain – a rarity, and almost 300 days a year windy. Ideal conditions for kite and windsurfing. Popular eco-tourism, travel and camel trip into the canyon and active Christian monastery of the 6th century.

 Hotel El Primo is located on the coast of Aqaba. Right at the start of the beautiful shore coral reefs, here is the famous Eel Garden, 30 meters from the door of the room is the famous Eel Garden – Ell guarden Dahab. Attractive places for snorkeling, diving and different types of dives. Dahab over fifty dive centers where you can take the equipment and get lessons dive. El Primo guests are offered all kinds of outdoor activities. As well as horse riding, yoga on the beach and massage treatments.

 How to choose the hotel if you’re a foodie

 In EL Primo prepare solid European breakfasts, Egyptian cuisine for lovers of tradition, pamper Italian dishes and practice the French attitude toward food. This means that every meal is surprising and gives pleasure. Can be arranged by visiting Bedouin breakfast, cook to order a special meal, have a picnic for the holiday.

Hurry to book a room in El Primo, you can online, and soon you will know what a perfect holiday – peace for the mind, body movement and tasty food.