If the hotel in Dahab El Primo existed sixty years ago, in one of its rooms Anne Lindbergh could write a book “The Gift of the sea.” About how to get back to myself, to live simply and find gifts that endure light waves on the shore. Resort Dahab fifty hotels, oriental luxury and bright. But if you need not an expensive adventure and relaxation, welcome to the hotel in Dahab El Primo.

 Hotel in Dahab El Primo – cozy family-type hotel in the Italian style. From every window you can see the sea. The rooms are bright, with air conditioning and Wi-Fi, en-suite bathrooms and balconies. In the shadow of the terraces scattered tables, sofas, chaise lounges. Warm wind and rolling waves whisper. I can not believe that from this hour drive to the airport in Sharm el-Sheikh and ten minutes to the bustling waterfront, shops and bars. From every window not to see the sea and breaks – sunlit and the reflected radiance from the water view of the world, simple as infinity …

 Every whim – in your plate

 Food – the best way to get a taste of life. Hotel in Dahab El Primo is famous for its cuisine. It serves a solid European breakfasts. The cafe shop cook authentic Italian coffee. The restaurant is located almost on the beach. The menu is varied, international and constantly updated. The latest addition – unique to Egypt frozen desserts.

 The administration of El Primo is able to solve any problem. Staff – a pleasant companion. Chef – a fan of world cuisine. Classical school he goes to the national Egyptian. There are simple dishes for children and sophisticated gourmet. Here prepare your favorite dishes, you just have not tried them. For example, sea bass under the mandarins.

 Holidays in Egypt – leisure

 In El Primo Hotel Dahab offers massage, horse riding, surfing and underwater views – diving and snorkelling. The hotel is situated near the picturesque coral reef. On a sandy slope of the Gulf hiding underwater garden eels, known Eel Garden. Just 30 meters from your bed swinging to the beat of the waves as the revived plants, hundreds of stems with snake heads swaying to the beat of the waves as the revived plants. Experienced divers can rent equipment rental, beginner – use the services of a coach.

Dahab – the only place in Egypt, free from mass tourism. Here you will find peace and clean sea, good food and normal prices, pleasant service and communication with the family, play with the kids and a good rest.