Privacy Policy

El Primo Hotel Dahab attaches great importance to your privacy and makes every effort to protect the data that you provide to us.

1. General Information

We may collect and store information that you provide to us. It can be your name, e-mail or postal address, phone number. In case of purchase or booking through our website, the credit card number, name of the holder and the card expiry date. In addition, we may ask to express their preferences during the trip, mode of transport, accommodations, food types, frequency of travel. This information is non-essential and the provision of data is optional.

2. E-mail Newsletter

You can subscribe to our newsletter, for this we need your real e-mail inbox. We are against spam, so you can always unsubscribe and no longer receive messages from our company. An exception may be the really important information that requires your immediate attention.

3. Cookies and automatic collection of information

Each time you visit our site, we will send you a cookie. It is a small file that identifies your browser (Mozilla, Enternet Explorer, Opera, etc.) and saves the necessary information about the site on your computer. This allows us to identify your computer and all information associated with your information when you use the services of the site, including the reservation. Rest assured that all data files are encrypted cookies for security purposes. You have every right to reject the cookie, but in doing so you limit the use of all the features of the site, and it is likely that you will not be able to successfully complete the transaction.

Each time you visit us, we automatically collect information about your activities on the site, the most frequent queries, IP-address, browser data. The main function of the collection of this information is that we try to understand the needs and preferences of our users.

4. Use Your Information

Your personal given name, card number, code CVV, card expiry date are used to complete the payment process and confirm your reservation. We may request additional information to confirm the reservation, to provide you with additional services to make any changes, answer your questions, inform you about the actions undertaken by the company. The goal - to improve the products and services provided by our company.

5. Transmission of information to third parties

Your personal information may be transferred to third parties as follows: airlines, rental agencies and car rental, ferry companies, hotels that perform your orders through our website. Provision of information is limited to the most necessary to complete the reservation. In exceptional cases, it will open your e-mail address in order to enable them to contact you if we have any problem requiring immediate intervention.
We do not disclose information that contains personal information, except as required by law (decision of the court or law enforcement). And even in this case, the information will be disclosed in part, in accordance with the request.

6. Payment

Payment by credit card or electronic money is made by forwarding to the website of electronic payments INTERKASSA. When payment system does not receive sensitive data on the operations of the client, which is a guarantee that the data can not be stolen or intercepted.

7. Data Protection

In the priority of protection of personal data of our clients. We guarantee the security of the data and use the various technologies and procedures to protect against unauthorized access. We use encryption when transmitting data from your computer to ours, intrusion detection systems, faervols, firewalls, protocol Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

8. Contact with children

We will not enter into any relations with persons under the age of 18 without the permission of parents or guardians. If we become aware that a user is less than 16 years, we have every right to remove a contact from our database.
By using our site, you automatically agree with everything stated in this section. This document is constantly evolving, and we reserve the right to change it at any time.

9. Unsubscribe

If you no longer wish to receive the newsletter, go to the link provided at the bottom of the letter.

With respect, the project team El Primo Hotel Dahab!